Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse

It is important for childhood sexual abuse to be addressed; therapy can and often does help stop the cycle of abuse. Unfortunately, for numerous victims and perpetrators (many of whom are victims themselves) there is a great deal of shame around this experience and they may not feel comfortable asking for help. As Charles Blow of the New York Times advocates in his article “Surviving Child Sexual Abuse,” it is vital that recent high profile cases be used an a means of education to prevent further incidents (See article at http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/01/opinion/charles-blow-surviving-child-sexual-abuse.html).

He goes on to describe how difficult it is for survivors to repair the damage and violence they have experienced. He points out some of the factors influencing how someone may heal: the nature, duration and circumstances around the abuse, as well as the child’s relationship to the abuser(s). In closing, he talks about the need “for early conversations with children about body safety and ensuring that they have safe spaces in which to express themselves.” Therapy can provide this type of safe space, both for children and for adults abused as children. It is never too late to heal.