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Posttraumatic Growth

A recent article in Common Ground magazine by Michaela Haas explores a new concept of posttraumatic growth. Coined by researchers Tedeschi and Calhoun at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the…
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Embracing Failure

What has been your biggest failure? What has been your most recent failure? Most of us were brought up and/or live in a culture that emphasizes success over failure, winner over losing.…
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The Benefits of Reading Regularly

A recent article in The New Yorker titled “Is Reading the New Therapy?” discusses the use of bibliotherapy to treat such ailments as a a broken heart or career uncertainty. The method…
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Meditation For a Healthy Life

A recent article in the magazine In Style called “The Zen Commandments: Your Field Guide to Living in the Now” (May 2015) speaks about the growing popularity of meditation from coast to…
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Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse

It is important for childhood sexual abuse to be addressed; therapy can and often does help stop the cycle of abuse. Unfortunately, for numerous victims and perpetrators (many of whom are victims…
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Couples Counseling for Business Partners

There is increasing awareness that business partners often turn to couples counseling for help. In “Why Partnership is Harder than Marriage” (Forbes), it is noted that while 50% of marriages end in…
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