• Do you have questions about life, death and existence in general?
  • Are you interested in growing spiritually?
  • Do you have an active spiritual practice such as yoga, meditation, prayer, chanting, and/or inquiry?
  • Are you curious about how psychotherapy may enhance your spiritual practice?

Therapy can be a helpful way to address the psychological, physical, emotional and energetic material that arises in the course of spiritual life and investigation.  The Hakomi Method is an experiential means of exploring limiting patterns in mindfulness. The Work of Byron Katie is a particularly powerful means of inquiry into stressful beliefs. With a strong background in these areas, I am particularly interested and skilled in guiding these types of explorations.

Spiritual therapy may consist of the following:

  • Clarifying spiritual concepts and establishing spirituality as a resource for support
  • Exploring and resolving issues from early life that may impact one’s current spiritual experience
  • Encouraging the development and maintenance of spiritual community and activities that are enriching

Topics like the origin of life, free will, choice, responsibility and authenticity may arise in the course of therapy or may prompt someone to seek therapy for help in exploring these topics as related to how one navigates life. With over 15 years experience as a counselor, I have worked with numerous clients interested in exploring and deepening spiritually. I meet you where you are with your particular interests and experiences without imposing any of my own. I am drawn to facilitate the reduction of unnecessary suffering that can manifest in the form of addiction to various thoughts, emotions and/or energetic patterns. I work with you to find ways to experience your innate wholeness and peacefulness and use that as a resource to meet aspects of oneself that experience themselves as separate or unloved.

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