• Are you arguing frequently with your partner?
  • Are you experiencing a lack of communication with your partner?
  • Is there verbal abuse in your intimate relationship?
  • Has there been an affair or a violation of trust?
  • Are you feeling distant and not as connected as you would like to be?

Counseling can be a way to investigate relationship issues in a safe, supportive atmosphere – one that aids in and fosters more effective communication, leading to a more fulfilling relationship with your partner and others.

Examples of disorders related to intimate relationship conflicts include the following:

  • Intermittent explosive disorder
  • Adjust disorder with depressed mood or anxiety
  • Dysthymic disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Partner relational problem

These examples demonstrate a range of ways that intimate relationship conflicts can manifest. Whatever kinds of relationship conflicts that you are experiencing, know that help is available. Counseling can help you develop the necessary skills for effective, open communication; mutually satisfying sexual intimacy; and enjoyable time for companionship within your relationship.

Couples counseling can consist of:

  • Developing respect for your partner
  • Enabling each person to be heard and to hear themselves
  • Learning to identify escalating behaviors that lead to abuse
  • Fostering a secure attachment between partners
  • Identifying repetitive, negative interaction cycles as patterns
  • Understanding the source of reactive emotions that drive the pattern
  • Facilitating a shift in partners’ interaction to new patterns of interaction

With over 15 years experience as a counselor, I have worked with many clients experiencing relationship issues. Over time, this journey can help to experience a greater sense of confidence and ease in your ability to navigate the challenges posed by intimate relationship, and a greater enjoyment of each other and your partnership as a whole.

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